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Illinois Healthcare Management

Is there any difference between working for a manager and working for a doctor? Is there any difference working at a hospital where doctors may or may not be managers but do run the show when it comes to some of the patient care and working at a corporation where any person can work their way up to be a manager? The answers to these questions are many and varied, just like any answers to questions regarding management and those that are not in management about the relationship that exists. No matter where you work and for whom you work, the key to a good environment is the relationship that is built. It must be built upon trust and an understanding that everyone is in the same boat. If it sinks then everyone is swimming and if it stays afloat then everyone has a job.

The key to relationships whether they are in Chicago occupational health services or in dental health services is understanding what is at the heart of the business and why it exists. Another key is to determine what drives the various people to be in that business. What is the agenda of the doctor, the administrators, and the various workers who keep the business functioning? Identifying the type of structure is also important. Is it a small office with one doctor who is the owner/manager, is it a multi-doctor facility with a variety of owners or is it a hospital with a board of directors that is owned by a conglomerate?

Once people understand the structure of the work environment and what drives people to work there, then they can get down to identifying what it takes to get along in a place such as Chicagoland healthcare or any number of facilities such as the Kankakee Illinois hospital outside of Chicago. There are a few key factors in building a successful relationship with a manager subordinate structure. Good communication is imperative whether the operation is a multi-bed hospital facility or a one room doctor’s office in rural America. Without good communication things may or may not be done to the specifications needed to be successful. It doesn’t matter what the management style is, good communication must happen even when it comes across gruff and mean. That isn’t the best way to build a relationship but that is a later topic. The communication still has to be there.

Respect is another key to a successful business. Without respect it is hard to develop loyalty. Without loyalty, it is hard to have any trust that everyone is out for the betterment of the business. Without loyalty, it may be driven by what is in it for me, whether or not the person earned it or not. Respect also leads to empowerment. An old cliché but still a powerful tool. By allowing someone to do the job they know how to do, it builds trust and respect. Sounds like a circle is forming. By having certain aspects of treating people well, it builds upon itself and the circle continues to grow until you have a very strong organization whether it is three people or three thousand people.